Dragon Rank

250.00 USD

Package Description

All Warden perms

Bring real world art into The Coil!.


This command is used as many times as you want and has no cooldown. The only thing we ask is to not put more than 10 pieces of map art per chunk and never to create a map art bigger than 10 x 10. This is for the sake of tackling any possible lag on the server, thank you. 


/image create <image name|url> [scale percent] - Create and begin pasting a new custom image

An example of a working command:

 /image create https://i.imgur.com/gid8ljf.jpeg

You can use any URL image link or upload one yourself on Imgur. The command above creates a map art of the image and is resized to be 25%  of the original size.

/image delete - Delete an existing image by clicking on it 

If you need help, ask staff and we'll help you!

5000 homes

1000 player warps

keep inventory on death


400 teleporting hoppers (purchased separate with ingame money)

      4000 hopper links

/up ## - places a block of glass under you 

/co inspect

See who accessed your doors, chests, or even block breakage

Dragon kit - This kit contains a special Dragon tooth which can be traded at (/warp Dragon) for some very special and exclusive rewards!

All Playtime rank bonuses, permissions and kits will add on to your donor rank.

Disclaimer:  The Coil reserves the right to change the Kits or Permissions