Wizard to Infinity

30.31 USD

Package Description

All Wizard rank permissions as well as:

Bold Prefix

1000 homes

100 playerwarps

Golem Kit

/enchant {all vanilla enchants}

/tree {access to rapidly plant any form of minecraft tree!}

Custom Golem pet that gives Strength 5 while its active /pets

/spawner {for the following mobs: witch, blaze, creeper, zombie, skeleton, spider, cow, donkey, phantom, cod, salmon, pillager, husk, llama, slime}

Trampoline Gadget

PaintBall Gadget

4 Treasure Chest keys for more cosmetic items!

All Playtime rank bonuses, permissions and kits will add on to your donor rank.

Disclaimer:  The Coil reserves the right to change the Kits or Permissions