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Welcome to the The Coil MC

The Coil Network is an Minecraft server running version 1.17-1.20.4. We offer Skills, Crates, Voting, Discord, Vanilla,  and so much more!

For every purchase of $5 or more, everyone online on the server will get x1 free Coil Crate Key! [Subtotal, including after sales, coupons, or any other discounts, must be $5 or more to qualify.]

Privacy Policy:
Your information provided upon check out whether private or public will not be; sold, exchanged, transferred, or given to any other company and or person(s) without your consent. Other than for the sole purpose of delivering the purchased goods and or services.

:Disclaimer: The Coil MC reserves all rights to change packages, and contents of  items.

If you are banned, temp banned, jailed, or cuffed on the server for breaking the rules, you will not be refunded.

You may appeal your punishment by emailing our team:

The Coil is not affiliated with Mojang.
Minecraft is © Mojang  2009-2024.

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